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ゆず (Yuzu) - 表裏一体 (Hyōri Ittai)


Taking a break from the album songs because NEW YUZU SINGLE. Well, an early digital release; the disc version with the b-sides will be released Christmas day. STILL. This is the current ending for HUNTER x HUNTER and will be used in its new movie. 

The title means “Two sides of the same coin”.

Here is the music video. Love the black & white design :)

Note: I’ve seen this as both “Hyōri Ittai” and “Hyouri Ittai.”


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my current lss XD

Me and Styling: Dressing up for work

I started this on Tumblr as I knew I’m not smexy enough for Lookbook.
Please excuse my attempt to look pretty XD
I believe in dress in up but it does not have to kill one’s wallet. Most of the time I wear jeans and t-shirts and when I do dress up, it’s for work or for an event where I have to dress up. I have my style though and even it’s for work I make sure that I do not look like I copied what I wear from the magazines. I have never been in a work place that requires me to be in business/formal attire, so I still can go to work in dark colored jeans or a dress that is not commonly use for work see the photos below

Gray sheer blouse, washed out jeans and gray boots

Black dress with floral prints and gray boots

So I recently bought new pats from Uniqlo, is called Ultra Stretch Skinny Fit Cargo Pants. I got the olive colored one. I have used it for work already; I forgot to take a photo. I like it as I can use for work and I can use it for causal day outs. I got it on sale hahaha I hope the price goes down again I’m thinking of getting the dark gray one too.

I like the fact that it feels military like 
You must be wondering, “What the point of this post?”. Th point is no matter how expensive the clothes you are wearing if you are not confident that it look AWESOME on YOU it will never look as pretty as you want it to be.
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